This month’s featured photos are:

Island Lighthouse I

Autumn in the Maritmes

Feel free to browse the photos, leave a comment or drop me a private email at I would love to hear from you.

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  1. Dawn Kerth says:

    Kathi your photographs get better and better! I love the one of the national mall with the cherry blossoms blooming and the ?Jefferson?Monument in the background and just the cherry blossoms along the river. The Gettysburg black and white is great, somber and moving. It sounds and looks like things are really going well! Congratulations


  2. Thank, Dawn. You know your monuments. Hope all is well with you.


  3. crowsheart says:

    I love the photo you have above on your home site…love them all but that is extraordinary


  4. Kathi,

    I love black and white photography (and films too! LOL) and your print “Sunlit” is exquisite. I also love “Sunset in Black and White.) Very evocative. Beautiful. I look forward to each and every new photo selection. Thanks bunches for the contest.


    • Thanks, Patty. Sunlit is on Fine Arts site in color too. It was a yellow flower. Months after I took it, I changed the color to grayscale and it stood out so much more. It actually has won two awards. KI and I are getting ready to change out my 1980’s framed photos to more current ones in our home. This one is the only one chosen so far.

      I, too, like the sunset in black and white, and I also like changing historic sites to B&W to lend authenticity. With digital, most photographers do not use B&W as much. But since Annie Leibovitz and Ansel Adams are two of my favorite photographers, I am partial to it.


  5. Beautiful work! A sharp eye for photography is not something that can be accumulated, it must be a gift from the beginning. Congrats on having it!


  6. cheri says:

    I love all your photos…but you know I love Sunlit – I promote it!


  7. Marie Foose says:

    Cool pictures. I love the Stare Down! The Blooming water lily is lovely also. I like your cherry blossom pics too!


  8. I Beacham says:

    Hi Kathy,
    I absolutely love your photos, and I’m so thrilled for you re your exhibition news and the possibility of supplying your work to businesses etc. Your work is first class and deserves to be seen more widely. Bravo!


  9. AmyRose says:

    Kathi, the clarity in these photographs is par excellent! And I love your “eye” how you framed them as well. You keep up the great job you are doing. I am so glad we are in each other’s lives as we can ohhh and ahhh at one another’s images. LOL (((HUGS))) Amy


  10. Lori L. Lake says:

    I am thoroughly impressed with your amazing use of color. Nice photos, Kathi!


  11. Lee Lynch says:

    Good news about all your projects, Kathi. I noted with pleasure a bee enjoying a blossom on our spearmint plant today! I have planted sage and fennel for the. More as the years allow.


  12. Lee Lynch says:

    “Fallen Leaves” is awesome. It elicits nostalgia for me and makes me want to write a story about the scene.


  13. DK Hawk says:

    I love “River’s Bend”, it’s so lush with the green. Makes me long for spring!!!!


  14. says:

    Kathy, hi it’s Mindy. Will you send me the ones of Hillwood Gardens? Thank you. Have a wonderful rest of the summer.

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