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Add Some Flowers in the Dead of Winter

More Florida photos as we get ready to head back that way! These photos were taken at Butterfly World which is a must see for anyone going to south east Florida. KI had never been and I wanted to show … Continue reading

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Winter in Maryland

Only a few weeks until our Caribbean cruise… Yay! This was a last minute booking late last year after the 2016 US election. Part of my resolution not to wait until next year to enjoy life. This winter so far … Continue reading

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What is Patriotism?

I interrupt my blog schedule to ask a question of all of you, American ¬†or any other nationality. I struggle with the concept of patriotism on the eve of the Inauguration of “President” Trump. Just saying it disgusts me. But … Continue reading

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Do you make New Year resolutions and follow them? I do not because they never work. Well, let me clarify… I do not specifically make New Year’s resolutions. I do resolve throughout the year to commit to certain things. Last … Continue reading

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Loving Washington DC

I love DC. That seems like a strange comment coming from one so disappointed in the events of the past few months. But when one divorces the politics from DC, it is an amazing city. It is not big like … Continue reading

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