Summer Travels Part 2: Climate Change

Wings of Fancy

As I blogged a few weeks ago, my mom came for a visit, and we hit the DC area and went to museums, gardens and historic sites. I tried to tire my 87 year old mom out, but her ever-ready batteries kept on going. Today’s blog features a goose and butterflies, but on a more serious note-climate change.



Every year one of our local gardens has a butterfly exhibit. The butterflies are not local though. They come from all over the world. In fact the north east of the US is losing some of its butterfly population- most notably the Monarch which was plentiful until recent years. On the eve of the US pulling out of the Paris Climate Agreement I write this blog, and if you click here, you can read more about the Monarch’s dwindling population. Experts say that the Monarch is the “canary in the coal mine” when it comes to pollinators. KI has guest blogged here about other pollinators. Click here if you missed it.

Wings of Fancy I

The links I provide above offer a much more detailed description of how our world is being affected by climate change, urban development and the destruction of forest land. We cannot reverse the past effectively unless we take incremental steps. The Paris Climate Agreement allows each nation to do that. It is voluntary and so are the steps each nation decides to take to reverse some of the devastating effects. If anyone out there thinks that butterflies and bees disappearing is not a big deal, please click on the links above.

BTW the local butterfly exhibit is called “Wings of Fancy.”

Tall Grasses

The goose photo was taken in a small urban garden on the Chesapeake Bay in downtown Baltimore. As I got closer to take the photo, I spied 4 goslings and its mate. Geese, which are plentiful here, can be a problem in Maryland because their droppings are harmful to the environment and to the Chesapeake watershed-Go figure! But watching them watch over their little ones, one cannot help but empathize with their plight too. Just trying to carve out a little space as the world turns more urban.


Comment on this blog about what you are doing to reverse the effects of climate change. The first 5 comments will get a free matted photo of a bee or butterfly!







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